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Welcome to Playa Venao, Panama!

Playa Venao is a long, protected beach that has transformed into a go-to surfers’ destination in recent years. Surfers first fell in love with the area because of its break in both directions and consistent waves. It is host to various surfing competitions each year.

Viva Venao is a free information portal – search for information about Playa Venao hotels, restaurants, activities, and other businesses that may not otherwise be available online! You’ll notice there are quite a few listings in Cañas, El Ciruelo, and Pedasi. We are slowly expanding out our guide to include neighboring regions in Azuero – keep checking back for more info!


Hotels, Restaurants, Activities

Playa Venao used to be a wild beach. However, in recent years hotels, hostels, housing developments, restaurants, and stores have sprouted up due to the scenic beauty and international recognition as the best surfing spot in Panama. You can find the right accommodation option based on your needs and budget. Whether you are an adventurous surfer, budget backpacker, or a luxury traveller, there’s something for you in Playa Venao. Most of the hotels and hostels are walking distance from the beach, which make them ideal for people who want to fully maximise their stay in paradise.

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The restaurants in Playa Venao offer various cuisines, including both international as well as local Panamanian foods. Some of the must-try dishes include those that feature locally-caught tuna, organic locally-grown vegetables (particularly the moringa which does wonders for your health!), and a variety of cuisines from all over the world including fresh-rolled pasta or homemade hummus!

The Area Around Playa Venao

The number one activity in Playa Venao is surfing. It has the best surfing spots in the entire country. It has the perfect waves that you will want to surf the whole day. The area is also perfect for nature lovers and adventurers. There are various activities that allow you to interact with nature and appreciate the areas beautiful tropical environment.

Playa Venao is also for people who want to unwind and relax. You can enjoy the rays of the sun and leave all your troubles behind. And if you are already done with tanning by the shore, then enjoy other activities that include beach volleyball, horseback riding, and even ziplining across the jungle.

Playa Venao Surf Report

Playa Venao has a sand floor. Not only that, the waves are consistent. These conditions make the area ideal for beginners as well as experts. It is also considered as the best beach break because the main wave breaks both right and left. On really really big days the swell has topped 25-30 feet, and there are also attractive point breaks nearby to head out to under these conditions. There is always something to surf!

While weekends mean more visitors riding the waves, the wide bay and several breaks allow for surfers to spread out. You can surf the whole year in Venao, but it is recommended to go there during the dry season, which is between January and May.

Relevant information for residents

Are you thinking of becoming a resident of Playa Venao? There are also lots of properties and houses in the area for purchase or rent. The beach has everything you need that includes utilities, access to market, and more. Here are some basic tidbits to start your life in Venao.

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