Street Art Festival

Pedasi Arte: Sigrun Pottisdottir of Pedasi Love and Proyecto Pueblo Colorido has done it again!

This time, she has teamed up with 14 national and international graffiti/mural and mixed media artists to host a 5-day marathon where they will  engage in educational, artistic, and cultural mural paintings on each corner of the Pedasi main square. Each “station” where the artist will set up to paint a mural will be accompanied by great music, food, and beverages.

Each day will close with performances by acrobatics performers, with food and drinks for purchase 5pm-10pm.

An art fair will follow on the closing day, the 29th, from 9:15am to 2pm, where you will be able to purchase artwork from both artists and artisans.

The invited artists include:

  • Insano (@studioinsano)
  • Chacha (J. Isaac Armstrong) (@chachapty)
  • Ari Moon (@arimoon11)
  • Aleksander (@aleksandr.11)
  • Evade (@evadexpress)
  • Caso Tres (@casotres)
  • Temym (@temym)
  • Axo (@axo_316)
  • Molart (@molartpty)
  • Jenmosavage (@jenmoart)
  • Grenal (arte_membache)
  • Amir (@amir_lucky)
  • Victoria (@henve_)
  • Momo (@mo.magneticart)


Performers include

  • Acroyoga, Irina Rodriguez (@pulguirina)
  • Dance company, Limbo Kreativo (@limbokreativo)
  • Acrobatics, Luis Perez (@luiscirco)
  • Acroyoga, Leonela Leal (@yogimnastic)
  • CasaViVu, Yoga & Art (@casavivu)
  • Oswaldo Abreu, juggling. (@jugglerozzie)


For more information contact, 6349-1992, or


Schedule of Events

Weds, Oct. 25

  • 7am: Mural painting starts
  • 5pm: Food/drink sales, music
  • 7pm: Open air cinema in the park

Thurs, Oct. 26

  • 7am: continue mural paintings
  • 5pm: Food/drink sales, music
  • 7pm: live music with Ashley Ellen, Jamming

Fri, Oct. 27

  • 7am: continue mural paintings
  • 5pm: Food/drink sales, music
  • 6pm: @casavivu yoga for adults (bring yogamats or towels)
  • 7pm: Panamanian music and performances

Sat, Oct. 28

  • 7am: continue mural paintings, finish at 9pm
  • 5pm: Food/drink sales, music
    • @casavivu recycled art with kids (bring clothes to paint in)
    • @karlotina1 yoga (bring yogamat or towel)

Sun, Oct. 29

  • 9:15am: Art Festival
    • Exhibition of paintings, artwork, artesanal products. All artwork for sale. Located in the park.
    • Food/drink sales, music
    • Performances of acroyoga, dances, juggling, and music
  • 2pm: Closing



Sample artwork from participating artists:





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