Getting Around: Chitre / Las Tablas

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Panama to Playa Venao Bus Guide
Panama to Playa Venao Bus Guide: click to enlarge

Getting around Chitre / Las Tablas

Chitre and Las Tablas are essential cities for life on the Azuero Peninsula. They serve as the jumping off points to access other local villages, as well as hubs for service providers from banks, discount shops, supermarkets, print shops, auto repair.


Congrats you’re in Chitre!

Chitre is a large city with all the amenities and a great place to stock up on food and get business done. In this modern city, you’ll find all the creature comforts, from rental car agencies, banks, utilities offices, import goods, medical care, furniture stores, and more!

To Venao/Pedasi

From Chitre, you can either

Rental Car

The drive from Chitre – Venao is approx 90 mins. Still the fastest way to get around is by car.



The closest place to rent a car would be in Chitre. The easiest place to do it is at the airport especially if you fly in.

Aeropuerto de Chitré (Alonso Valderrama)

Mon – Fri:   7am – 5pm
Sat:   7am – 12pm

Tel: (507) 996-9565

There’s also another branch in town, on Paseo Enrique Geenzier, open M-F 8am-5pm, (507) 996-9565.

Other car rental companies include Dollar (279-5722), Hertz (229-5257), Arrendadora Economica (229-5257)

Public Transport

Chitre – Las Tablas

A shuttle runs to Las Tablas every 7-10 minutes from the Chitre Bus Terminal.    

Every 7-10 minutes
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: $1.50 

Las Tablas –> Chitre

First bus: 5:15am
Last Bus: 7:00 pm

 Chitre –> Las Tablas
First bus: 5:50am
Last Bus: 9:20 pm

(Saturdays 8:30pm)

Note: If you are headed to Pedasi, ask the driver to drop you off mid-way at the minibus stop to Pedasi (la parada del bus hasta Pedasi). The final stop  is a good 15-minute walk from the minibus stop.

Las Tablas Pedasi shuttle

Getting from Chitre to Panama City

View the various transport options to get from Chitre to Panama City.

Las Tablas

Las Tablas is considered the cultural seat of Panama, with frequent cultural events bringing nationals to the quaint farming town throughout the year.

The bus stops are located in different parts of town. View the Las Tablas Bus Map for easy reference. Taxis cost around $2 to get around town.

To Venao/Pedasi

From Las Tablas, you can either

Las Tablas Bus Map
Las Tablas Bus Map (click to enlarge)

Public Transport

Las Tablas – Pedasi

From Las Tablas to Pedasi, a minibus runs every 45 minutes from the minibus stop.       

Frequency: Every 45 minutes
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $2.40

Las Tablas to Pedasi
First bus:   5am
Last bus:    6pm

Pedasi to Las Tablas
First bus:    5:30am  (but arrive at 5am as the bus gets packed)
Last bus:    4:30pm

Bus from Panama City to Las Tablas
AMF Capital

To Chitre

A shuttle runs to Chitre every 7-10 minutes from the Coopevifec parking lot.


Las Tablas - Chitre


Located between Circunvalacion and Supercarnes
Departs every 7-10 mins. Cost $1.50, Duration: 30 mins
* Leaves Las Tablas between 5:15am-7pm,
* Leaves Chitre between 5:50am-9:20pm (Sat 8:30pm)

Getting from Las Tablas to Panama City

View the options to get from Las Tablas to Panama City.

The transportation from Pedasi to Venao is a bit less frequent. The options can be viewed in the next page!

View the next page for details!

Getting from Pedasi to Venao

The transportation from Pedasi to Venao is a big less frequent. The options can be viewed in the next page!


Taxi Fare Chart
Taxi Fare Chart
None of the taxis have meters, so you ask the price when you board. In the countryside, people are honest and drivers don’t rip you off all that often, but you can negotiate prices to a certain degree. Here’s a sample fare chart and list of cab companies.


Taxi Nuevo Milenio    996-6676

Las Tablas

Taxi Tableao 994-6615

Taxi Santa Liberada  994-6236  / 994-9493

Taxi Super Centro Rosa   994-8533


Find complete list here

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